Road King<sup>®</sup> Special

Road King® Special

Mô tả và Thông số Kỹ thuật

You can see it coming from a mile away. Big and dramatic like a locomotive rolling through a train yard at midnight. Blacked-out from its headlight nacelle front forks and new Talon wheels to its powerful Milwaukee-Eight™ engine, headers and exhaust. With new mini-ape handlebars that pull you up and forward for an upright stance that commands attention. Stripped-down styling. And stretched saddlebags for a slammed profile that’s right here, right now. When you take to the road on the new Road King® Special, you don’t just rule the road. You own it.

Kích thước

Chiều dài:2420mm
Chiều cao Yên xe:691mm
Dung tích Bình xăng:22.7l
Trọng lượng Không tải:355.0kg

Hệ thống truyền động

Động cơ:Milwaukee Eight 107
Dung tích Xi lanh:1745cc
Mô-men Xoắn Động cơ:150Nm / 3250rpm

Bánh xe / Lốp

Phía trước:130/60B19
Phía sau:180/55B18

Tuỳ chọn màu sắc

Charcoal Denim, Hard Candy Hot Rod Red Flake , Olive Gold, Vivid Black